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The Wedding of Amanda Steele

One of my closest friends got married right before the holidays, Amanda.  It was a quick engagement for the happy couple of many years.  She asked me to document the “getting ready at the salon” phase of her wedding day – and here are just a few of the many shots of her, the bridesmaids, and the Moms getting ready.

Location: NKD Waxing, Lashes, and Makeup | Worcester, MA

The Imperial Court of Massachusetts

Since moving back from Canada in 2013, I’ve had the honour of working with a fantastic, gorgeous and philanthropic group of fabulous people called the Imperial Court of Massachusetts (ICMA).

They are one of over a hundred chapters located throughout Canada, Mexico and the USA that give back to their communities, especially within the GLBT community.  Their shows, balls and coronations always give back to some amazing causes and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing numerous events of theirs.  Here’s looking ahead to 2017 and continuing my work them.

My First Magazine Cover!

I am proud and happy to share with everyone my first magazine cover!  I’ve been doing work for Pulse Magazine for a couple years now and this was my first cover for them.  The Worcester Music Awards is a great night to showcase local, regional and even national talent!  Below are some shots from the night and if you swing on over to my Portfolio, you will see the pages in the Published section.  Here’s to more shoots with the Pulse team!

Music Video Award Nomination!

I got some wonderful news today!  The music video I worked on last summer with Justin Mayotte and Shanna Jackman has been nominated for MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR (solo artist) at the Limelight Magazine Awards 2016!  I was a 2nd shooter/camera operator on this particular shoot.

Many thanks to Justin and Shanna for including me on this project – one with such a positive message of support for our veterans.

Voting is open until March 4th – so throw a vote our way! <— Click here to vote!

I’m going to be in the new Ghostbusters movie (hopefully)!

Last June, I saw an ad online for an open casting cattle call for the new Ghostbusters movie filming later that summer throughout the Boston area.  I showed up on a chilly rainy day in South Boston, waited in line with a printed “selfie”, and dropped off my measurements with the casting company.  They told me (and the hundreds of others behind me): “We’ll call you if we need you.  Thank you.  NEXT!”

Miraculously, 2 weeks later I got a phone call from BD Casting asking if I was available the following Tuesday – but I missed the call!  The roll was of a waiter in a fancy dinner scene.  Art imitating life! – this was my calling!  I rang them back and they said they had found everyone they needed for that scene.   Cue the sad snoopy walk of sadness.

Cut to next Monday night.  Location: Five Horses Tavern.  I was bartending the evening shift, happily slinging beers to the locals when I got another call from the same number I had missed previously.  I broke all the rules and answered, squatting down behind the bar to find out what adventure I was in for.  They needed me the next day, Tuesday, for the dinner scene I had previously missed out on – but this time as a dinner guest, black ties and tuxedos only!  Hurrah!

Long story short, I worked a 15 hour day on the set of Ghostbusters the next day.  Funnily enough, I got to work with a long-lost friend from high school, Chelsea LeBeau-Heuter – fellow extra.  Our scene was intensely funny, brilliantly directed by Paul Feig (Freaks & Geeks, Bridesmaids, Spy Movie, etc).  I reluctantly can’t share more about the scene due to the NDA I signed, but I have my fingers crossed that the scene we filmed that day makes it into the final cut!

Feb 11/2016 UPDATE – No trailer…yet!  Hopefully in a week or two!

A sneak peak of us in extras holding:


Character posters for Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon:

Music Videos!

Over the past year, I’ve worked on a few music videos for some very talented individuals.  2016 is shaping up for at least a few more!  As always, I’m grateful to Justin Mayotte Productions for always thinking of me as a stills photographer, behind the scenes, 2nd shooter, etc.

Jessie Chris | “Chameleon” | Director: Justin Mayotte

RossKavPhoto: Behind the Scenes Photographer

Shanna Jackman | “We’ve Got Your Back” | Director: Justin Mayotte & Shanna Jackman

RossKavPhoto: 2nd Camera | B Roll

Pride Month – Drag Queens and Bears, oh my!

June is traditionally Pride Month in many cities and Boston celebrated in style!  Last year, I had the privilege to celebrate in my other home city – Toronto.  This year, I stayed close to home.

My friend Henry Pacquin (Jr) has been putting on some amazing events over the past few years, giving back to the GLBT community and this year was no different.  I photographed 2 big events from OUTrageUS Productions: Drag Divas Give Back and Bearz Bare It All – all proceeds which went to the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and The Waltham House: A group home for GLBTQ youth, respectively.  Thousands of dollars were raised at EACH event!


The Boston Pride Parade was extraordinary this year – Marco and the team put on a great, safe, festive and inclusive event for everyone!  Thank you!